Our first manufactures plant was established in Riverstone, NSW in 1956 and is still operational from its original location. Our second plant in Murrarie, QLD was built in 1972. This plant was relocated to Beaudesert in 1994. From its inception Manufactures Trevor Cross managed both plants. After many years of service and growth in the business, Mr. Cross retired in June 2019.

The rendering arm of our company recycles meat and poultry by-products from abattoirs, retail butcher shops and meat processors, into high-grade protein meals and tallows.

The majority of these products are used in Australia but a significant quantity is exported.

We have our drivers collect the fat and bone waste from the various locations and they are then deposited to the relative plant.

A red AJ Bush Manufacturing fat and bone collection truck, with its tray tipped
A truck at our Beaudesert plant

Both our plants use a combination of high-efficiency electric motors that run cookers, presses, temperature mechanical de-waterers and dryers to produce our products. Waste heat evaporators recover proteins from process water streams. Tallow is clarified in high-speed centrifuges. We treat and dispose of our manufacturing process water by irrigating farm land.

We emphasise high quality products, energy efficiency and a safe environment.

The Bush Family

Tallow is used for a multitude of both edible and inedible products, soap being one of the most common.

Protein meals provide protein and amino acids in stock food diets and can also be used as organic fertilisers.

Manufactures head office operates from 45 Parramatta Road, Homebush.