These terms & Conditions from the basis of the Bush’s Meats Retail Loyalty Program (BMRLP)


  • Only individual may be members of BMRLP. Membership is free. A person can apply to become a member of the BMRLP through Bush’s Fresh Meats.
  • Members will be bound by these Terms and Conditions which may be varied from time to time.
  • A member must notify Bush’s Fresh Meats of any change of address or of a lost or stolen membership card. Bush’s Meats is not liable for any delay in replacing a membership card or for any unauthorised use of a membership card.
  • Points will not be credited until an individual becomes a member. Members can confirm the number of points held by them by calling at a Bush’s Fresh Meats store. Disputes about any details regarding member’s points must be notified to a Bush’s Fresh Meats retail store. A written statement by Bush’s Fresh Meats deciding any such dispute is final and binding.
  • Bush’s Fresh Meats may terminate a membership in the BMRLP without notice for any reason including, without limitation, if the member:

– Fails to comply with these membership Terms and Conditions.
– Abuses any privilege accorded to the member under the BMRLP: or
– Supplies any misleading information or make any misrepresentations to the BMRLP, or
– If the member does not use his or her membership card for a period of 12 month or dies or becomes bankrupt.

  • A member may terminate his or her membership in the BMRLP at any time by giving written notice to a Bush’s Fresh Meats Head Office. The member’s details will be deleted from the BMRLP database.
  • Membersip cards are not credit or charge cards, are not transferable and remain the Property of the Bush’s Meats and must be returned to Bush’s Fresh Meats if a member ceases to be member.
  • Any tax, liability or duty arising from a member’s participation in the BMRLP is the responsibility of the member.


  • Points will be credited to a members account for purchases by the member from a Bush’s Fresh Meats Retail store on qualifying goods or services. Promotional and incentive programs may be offered from time to time.
  • Bush’s Fresh Meats will determine which goods or services are qualifying goods and services and the number of points that will be credited to a member’s account for such purchases.
  • A member must present his or her membership card to the Bush’s Fresh Meats retail staff before the purchase is concluded. Failure to present the membership card will result in no points be credited to the members account for the purchase.


  • Points may be redeemed by a member for an award from the current award schedule by calling at a Bush’s Fresh Meats retail store.
  • Awards cannot be exchanged, transferred, sold or bartered and points will not be refunded.
  • Bush’s Fresh Meats may deduct from the points balance in a member’s account any points credited in error and any points in relation to a purchase which is cancelled or reversed or where a refund is given.
  • Any points not redeemed within 12 months after the end of the month in which the points were credited to that account will expire and will be deducted from the points balance in a member’s account.


  • Bush’s Fresh Meats may make any changes at any time without prior notice to members to these terms and conditions and the award schedule.
  • Bush’s Fresh Meats may without prior notice to member’s change those goods and services which qualify for points and the number of points that attach to those goods and services.
  • Bush’s Fresh Meats shall not be liable in any way to contact members of the changes to the BMRLP award schedule or terms and coditions.
  • Bush’s Fresh Meats reserves the right to suspend or terminate the BMRLP at anytime without prior notice. Bush’s Fresh Meats will not be liable for the suspension or termination of the BMRLP on any account whatsoever including (without limitation) for any points balance in a members account at the time of suspension or termination.
  • Bush’s Fresh Meats assumes no liability to a member whether for negligence, breach of contract or otherwise except:

– Any claim relating to points, to crediting that number of points to the member’s account.
A notice shall be deemed to be given by Bush’s Fresh Meats to a member if it is sent to the postal or email address of the member appearing in the BMRLP database.

  • These terms and conditions will be construed according to and be governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in and of New South Wales in relation to any dispute arising under these terms and conditions.


  • Bush’s Meats may collect information about members including information contained in the application form and information as to transactions resulting in points credits and debits which will be held in the BMRLP database. The BMRLP database contains the following member information:

– Name address and telephone number(s)
– Transaction details associated with the collection of BMRLP points
– Points collected and awards provided.
– Email address – A member may access the information on the member- head by Bush’s Fresh Meats retail store.
If the information is in accurate or incomplete, the member may advise Bush’s Fresh Meats to update the information.

  • Information form the BMRLP database will be made available to Bush’s Fresh Meats agents involved in administering BMRLP including agents producing cards and points summaries and data processing, information from the BMRLP database will also be made available to and used by Bush’s Fresh Meats and it’s agents marketing (direct and all other kinds) planning product development research and other commercial purposes
  • Each member consents and agrees to:

– Bush’s Fresh Meats and it agents accessing the information contained in the BMRLP database
– The disclosure of any information contained in the BMRLP database to Bush’s Fresh Meats and its agents for the purposes set out above; and
– The disclosure of any information contained in the BMRLP database by Bush’s Fresh Meats or its agents for the purposes referred to above.